Trans Nzoia Governor Pledges to Revolutionize Healthcare with Task Force Recommendations

Trans Nzoia Governor, George Natembeya, has received a task force report on improving healthcare in the county. The report, presented today, outlines a series of recommendations aimed at transforming the sector and improving access to efficient health services for residents in the five sub-counties.

Led by Dr Ferdinand Nang’ole, the task force identified infrastructure challenges as the main obstacle to enhancing healthcare in the region. Issues such as a lack of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical supplies, limited budget allocations, lack of waiver policies, poor referral and emergency services, and insufficient funding were highlighted as major areas of concern.

To address these challenges, the task force recommended a number of measures including reviewing staff terms of service, equipping health facilities with appropriate equipment, and establishing procurement systems in each facility.

Governor Natembeya pledged to implement these recommendations and transform the healthcare sector in the county. He emphasized the importance of investing in healthcare infrastructure and promised to work closely with the task force to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to improve access to quality health services.

Looking to the future, the county government has outlined plans to expand access to healthcare services through the construction of new health facilities and the renovation of existing ones. The government also plans to prioritize the recruitment and training of healthcare personnel, as well as improving the supply chain management system for pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals.

“With these measures in place, Trans Nzoia County is poised to make significant strides in improving healthcare access and outcomes for its residents” he said.

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