Trans Nzoia Governor Urges Council of Elders to Empower Women and Foster Unity

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has called on the Council of Elders in the region to provide leadership and ensure the inclusion of women in decision-making processes. The Governor made the statement during a meeting with elders from different communities in the region where development issues were also discussed.

In his address at the Aturukan Hotel, Governor Natembeya emphasized the importance of involving women in decision-making and providing equal opportunities for their participation in the development of the county. He said, “Women are an integral part of the community and should have a say in decision-making.”

The elders expressed their support for the Governor and volunteered to provide advice on issues where their expertise is needed. Christopher Makokha, chairman of the Trans Nzoia elders council, said, “We believe in your service to our people and stand ready to support you in any way we can.”

Governor Natembeya challenged the elders to increase cohesion among the multiethnic tribes in the county, saying, “Elders should play a role in cohesion by ensuring that all communities in this county embrace peaceful co-existence among residents.”

The Governor was accompanied by his Deputy Dr. Philemonah Binea Kapkory, County Commissioner ,County Secretary Mrs. Truphosa Amere, and other officials from various county departments.

The importance of working together as people from different ethnic groups was also highlighted during the meeting. This underscores the need for inclusive leadership that promotes diversity and promotes the participation of all members of the community in decision-making processes.

Governor Natembeya’s call for the Council of Elders to incorporate women and promote cohesion among the different ethnic groups in Trans Nzoia County demonstrates a commitment to inclusive leadership and development.

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