Tricks Employees Use To Make Their Bosses Like Them

Alex came from a humble background. He came to work early. He came on a bicycle. He came dressed ready for work. He also came against his wish because for the last five months, he has been the subject of criticism from Oscar his boss. He was a casual laborer at Mombasa Maize Millers. His task mostly encompasses carrying heavy bags of corn from the main depot or hardware to be processed as flour. It was hard, but he had a young family depending on him for everything. If he doesn’t pull a double shift daily, his status as the head of the family will be questioned so badly he will grow a tail. Oscar knows how much he needs this job, thus sends him on the toughest errands on purpose. Either he wants to kill him or is hell bent at showing everyone at work what happens when the boss hates you.

The last time he complained of fatigue, Oscar withheld his wages for the whole week. It took the help of his fellow workers to be paid. Even so, he only paid half. The other half has yet to be cleared. By the time he gets home, his back hurts, his head spinning, mind half-asleep and legs wobbling. If nothing changes, he will do well to start making plans to buy a second-hand casket. He was only 27 years old but looked like someone on the wrong end of 40. Life and Oscar were playing dirty tricks on him, every time he figures one out they invent a new one.

He had gone to repair his bike on a Sunday when he overheard someone on the phone talking about how he recently got promoted through a traditional herbalist’s spells. He gathered some courage and asked the lady about it. She gave him KAZIMOTO DOCTORS ‘contact. He almost forgot about his bike when he assured him that his boss could be made to like him. He followed his instructions and the good doctor cast his spells.

“Aahh, my friend Alex, how was your weekend.?? Let me get you a cup of tea as you tell me all about it. Don’t worry about too much work, from today, you are in charge of the stores. All you have to do is keep the others in line and count” Oscar said. It worked!! He couldn’t believe it. And just like that, his boss liked him more than anyone and put his name on top of the list of those due a promotion at the end of the month.
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