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Types of Women Who Are Always Played

We’re not blaming the victim who gets cheated on. Cheating is entirely the perpetrator’s choice. We’re talking about getting played, which is different from one-time cheating. It means getting misused or scammed on a grand scale or for a long time. And this scamming is facilitated by her attributes that make her accommodate unfair treatment over a prolonged period or when danger signs were flapping in the wind from the onset.

The following are the attributes.

1. One who focuses more on potential than on the present.

Good women are nurturers and builders. They have a keen eye for people’s possibilities and they find pleasure in helping them grow into them. But however wonderful this strength is, it becomes a liability when not combined with the prudence to read people’s energy and mentality. If she fails to recognize that she cannot help people any further than they want to go themselves, she ends up investing with uncommitted people and that’s how she gets scammed.

She may date a guy who is a truck driver, for example, when she is a qualified nurse. She sees his potential to upgrade from driving trucks to owning one. And then she begins to see him in that light only, while all along he is not committed to that goal himself. After she has invested herself for years it dawns on her that he was already comfortable where he was and the talk about owning trucks was empty talk with no dedication. But by then it may be several years, and babies, and millions, later.

She facilitated the scam through her blind trusting and missing all signals of non-committal attitude.

2. One who believes sex can win a man’s heart.
While sex does create some bonding at times, still it cannot make a man respect a woman enough to stay with her.

You shall not confuse respect with attention. When you offer a man sex he will give you attention when he needs it, but he won’t see your value as a person. The same goes for getting a child for a man. In fact, many men flee from father duties, which is not a good thing of course because they’re resentful of the woman for attempting to trap him through the pregnancy.

3. The one with severe mother wounds or father wounds.
Parental abandonment or abuse disorients the woman into looking for love and validation from the men she dates. As a result, she takes the ‘child’ role in the relationship, which means unquestioned obedience to the ‘parental figure.’ The lovers notice she’s unhinged and needy and many will exploit it to scam her.

4. The Super Independent
She’s so much into catering to her own needs and never relying on a man that she doesn’t notice when he’s only giving the bare minimum and expecting the maximum in return. This type believes ‘money is not everything. I just want true love and honesty.’ Of course, in the absence of giving and sacrifice, any man can fake love and sincerity. For as long as he can, that is. But they never have to worry for long anyway, because these girls will marry you for doing very little like showing up at her parents because to her that means you’re serious. She’ll even help cover the dowry.

In truth, this is not independence but a deep-seated sense that she is undeserving of being cared for. She’s unconsciously asking for the bare minimum to avoid getting rejected for being too demanding.

The two most frequent victims of this malady are daughters of very powerful single mothers or daughters who raised their siblings. Being given was never a part of her experiences.

5. The one terrified of single parenting.
Perhaps because she had a bad experience under a single mother herself, or because she always wanted ‘a complete family,’ she will stay through anything just to avoid raising her children alone.

Understand: children need both parents but only when there’s love and harmony at home. If there’s tension and neglect and dysfunction, however, there is no point. That environment will scar and disorient them more than it will help them. Always endeavor to give your children a peaceful and quiet home, even if this means co-parenting separately.

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