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Types of Women You Must Never Date- Benjamin Zulu

1. The Aggressive One
Most good guys don’t choose, they get chosen. And this is because of two fatal weaknesses: the inability to read women, and the inability to resist a woman’s advances.

Men are never socialised to say no to women. It’s a skill that’s foreign to his makeup. And yet once he becomes a man of value he must acquire it or he will become a victim to aggressive females.
By aggressive we mean that woman who enters your life forcefully and even elbows away every other female you were close to. With you, she acts nice and agreeable to everything you want, at least in the beginning. She has identified that you’re a good-hearted guy and you have a future. But you, you’re still very unaware of your worth.

She doesn’t deserve you by any means. She has no character and no heart. She’s a pure predator. But she still has her charms to blind you. If you’re not a disciplined man sexually, she will trap you there. That’s how so many sweet guys are married to psychopaths.

2. The Money Pit
If she seems to be always in need of money for one reason or other, run. The reason is usually that she believes in Feminine Entitlement, the idea that she deserves to be taken care of and whoever falls in love with her should immediately assume the responsibility of maintaining her. Also, she could be a serious mismanager of money, one who lives above her means, has a fake lifestyle or cannot sustain herself. This type will quickly cheat with a man who offers her good money.

You must particularly be careful with a woman who oscillates from one crisis to another, and her emergencies seem to never end. This is specifically a symptom of a poverty mindset. The constant crisis comes from total mismanagement where there is no planning or preparation and everything is an emergency, including clearly foreseeable things like a mother going on maternity or a child joining college. They just never plan and they live for today only, such that if they don’t work today even that day’s supper is a crisis.
3. One Who Just Got a Baby.

She’s undergoing huge changes – loss of status as a single lady to a single mother, adjusting life to accommodate another person financially, emotionally and in terms of time; and processing the breakup or abandonment by the baby’s father. This kind of adjustment needs at least two years before she can become herself again and if you’re so insecure and sex-hungry yourself that you enter her open arms any sooner, you will just become a shoulder to lean on. You may think she will be loyal because you ‘came through’ for her but that’s a proven mistake you’re making. People will be themselves eventually. They cannot change because you treated them well. When pressure eases, you will see her true self and most likely you will be shocked.

4. One Who Has ‘Open Legs Policy.’
That is, she’s open to sex with you. She’s doing it with everyone. Okay, with a lot of people, that is.

5. A Loner.
Introverts have a generally private life and few friends. But still, they have social investment and connectedness, in their way. They have people they’re doing life with, and if they got a need they would find people to come through for them. It wouldn’t be just you filling all the gaps.

You must not confuse Introversion with social avoidance and detachment. A socially isolated person will be a liability and even a risk because their social capital is zero and you will have to become not only their partner but also their community.

And why do people socially isolate? Selfishness by not returning favours to those who come through for them.
Stinginess by refusing to support their friends in time of need.

Laziness in refusing to leave the house and show up for their friends.

If you marry this person you’ll discover that their life is so closed up that it stinks, metaphorically. As a result, their personal growth is also almost non-existent because social interactions are the catalyst for growth

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