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Uasin Gishu Business Community Message to Governor Jonathan Bii Alias Koti Moja

A section of the Uasin Gishu business community has called upon the newly elected governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim to ensure that there is a conducive business working environment as well as expansion of business storage facilities, especially for fish suppliers and retailers in the county.

Appreciating the former governor Jackson Mandago and his government, they said they have been operating so well and enjoying the county’s benefits despite being bullied by the county askaris and it is their wish for the new government to provide security and sufficient time to operate their businesses.

Despite going through a lot and making endless pleas they showered warm congratulatory messages to the newly elected governor with a promise that they will work together to make Uasin Gishu a better place.

“We are so happy for Jonathan Bii swearing in, he is indeed a strong man because he conquered the stiff competitions. He was meant to be our governor and it suits him so much little did he know from the start he wouldn’t have vied for a member of parliament for all that time” Samson Kemboi said.

Women in stalls couldn’t hide their excitement as they celebrated Chelilim on his big day, they described how they have been campaigning, praying, and even voting for him to serve them under the United Democratic Alliance [UDA] party which has a formula of the bottom-up economy.

“We heard that Koti Moja has an open heart for everyone, we voted him so that he can deliver us from our captives in businesses. We lack store’s to keep our products and have less time to make sells , especially us who sells fish. We really wish for a much better storage facility because our small store has led to so many women collapsing due to suffocation, we really pray for him and we are proud of him.

The business community asked Chelilim alias Koti Moja to serve them without discrimination of tribes,those who voted and those who did not are still Kenyans who wish to live in peace and harmony thereafter and so they respect his position as the newly elected governor.

‘Chelilim is like our father and county president,we ask him to serve us all despite the tribes living in Uasin Gishu. We hope for a change of budget in the county because we are so pressed with bills to settle, children are going to school and we have to pay the school fees,rent in our houses and in the county stalls we are using as well as buying food for the family and yet all this depends on our small hustle here in town. says Mary,fish hawker.

The issue of hawking “ ora ora” outside the stalls,was raised by many businesswomen operating in the same fish market area. They said how sellers are not accessing them because of poor facilities they have and there is a huge difference of sales when they hawk .

“We also want to urge him to allow us to sell our foodstuffs outside these stalls we really attract customers whenever we move out because sometimes buyers are so tired from working in their offices the all day and they will just walk and buy from anyone so we are loosing a lot of customers whenever we stay here.” Says Martha

By Winnie Cherop

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