Uasin Gishu Chief Whip hits the Government for Playing Double Standards While Burying Those Infected by COVID-19

Uasin Gishu Chief Whip David Singoei has hit at the government for playing double standards while burying those infected by COVID-19.

He said that it’s sad that the rich are given decent burial unlike the poor who are buried like dogs.

“Why is the government playing double standards while burying those infected  by coronavirus, it is sad that the rich and the who in the society are given over 4 days for burial preparation while the poor are  given 24 hours to bury their relatives,”said the Ngenyilel Ward MCA whikw speaking to the press.

He said its sad that the government is treating any deceased person to have died of coronavirus. 

“Recently a woman who was suffering from a preexisting condition died and was hurriedly buried at 8:00  at night yet after some days they brought results showing that  the woman had not died of COVID-19.Why the hurry to  burry the deceased even before the results are out,” he added.

He called on the government to attest give family of the deceased for days to mourn their relatives as long as they observe the directives by the Ministry of Health Health prevent further spread of COVID-19.

“Let us give respect the dead by according them decent burial as long  family members observe social distancing rule  they should be given humble time to bury their person and if the person had arrears in hospital of over  sh 200,000 how do you expect them to expect them to raise the amount with 24 hours,” he said.

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