Uasin Gishu County Government Embarks on Climate Change Action Plan

Uasin Gishu County Government has started a climate change action plan to mitigate climate change through the county climate action plan.

The County Director of Environment and Climate Change Dr. Charles Nyambane said that they have engaged the public from the community level and have collected data on how climate change has affected them.

“We used the media, questionnaires, and the chiefs in the village to reach the public, and we will use the data in coming up with a clear report and also a good plan on climate change mitigation,” said Nyambane.

Through the climate, change action the County will be able to receive funds from the financing local-led climate change action (FLACO) since they are done data collection, which is essential for them to receive the funding.
“We have received the first funding of 11 million and we wait for another 11 million before the end of the month, since we are done with the required minimum condition for the funding,” added Nyambane.

The county Director of Energy, Environment, Climate Change, and Natural resources Mary Kerich they have a ward climate change committee that the public participated in the Participatory Climate Risk Assessment (PCRA).
“We’ve engaged the public by selecting the ward climate change in all the 31 wards that have collected views of the public which has encouraged a multi-section approach, and also engaged other stakeholders for us to write a comprehensive report,” said Kerich.

Moreover, Kerich added that the County has the plan to plant indigenous trees in a few week’s time.
“We are ready to rehabilitate wetlands by planting cedar and bamboo so that the land can be used for recreation,” concluded Kerich.

Global warming has led to the change in weather patterns and the main cause is human activities, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuel.

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