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Uasin Gishu Governor Warns Youths Against Misusing Social Media

Social media is a website that enables users to create and share content, and interact with family, family, and various communities. It is also a platform that enables users to express themselves in different ways.

Despite all these advantages, social media has had a negative effect on our today’s generation according to Uasin Gishu county governor, Jonathan Bii Chelilim.

“Our children are in a dangerous situation in their life due to the new wave of technology and social media,” Bii says.

According to Chelilim, there have been a number of cases where youths have been committing suicide due to the negative influence social media and technology have been having on them.

“Take this for instance: There had been a situation the day before where one of our friends, Professor Tarus’ child committed suicide in an impetuous manner.”
Bii continued to say that many teenagers have taken this trail due to lack of knowledge and misunderstanding that lies behind social media.

“They follow up on things in social media, indulge themselves in unknown connections which in the end may turn out to be fake and as well as demonic,” Bii continues to say.

Chelilim furthermore adds that social media has affected communication among families. He sadly says that parents won’t interact with their kids and vice versa since everyone is always trapped in their phones.

“It’s sad that our parents have no idea what is going on around their kids because they are always trapped in their phones. Children won’t also interact with their parents because they are always hiding in their rooms.”

The Uasin Gishu governor urged parents to deeply look after and take care of their children and follow up on the things they do on their phones.

He also suggests that with the misleading nature of social media, parents should take their children for guidance and counseling to help them work on their esteem and pressure that might be brought about by the things and people they see on social media.

By Mary Warui

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