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Uasin Gishu Mp’s Meet with Governor Bii This is What They Discussed

Members of parliament from Uasin Gishu County on Monday met with the Uasin Gishu County Governor Jonathan Bii to discuss an array of issues affecting the county.

Most famously, the Finland Scholarship program made headlines for the wrong reasons on Kenyan students, drawn from the North rift being stranded abroad.

The members agreed to invite Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to carry out investigations and those found guilty will be held accountable.

“ We had discussions with the MPs on different things including projects and emerging issues one being the Finland Scholarship Program. We have decided we are going to investigate and already we have had some step aside. For now, they will not be working with us, second, we have given EACC a chance to do the investigation without any worries or hiding any information so that we can continue having a good name.” said Governor Jonathan Bii.

Halting new registration for members interested in the program, the governor highlighted plans to sort out the issues affecting students abroad before allowing for new applications to be made on the same.

“As we are speaking we always remember our parents who are paying school fees, selling their lands and their other properties to have their children study abroad. However, we have been checking on our children from Uasin Gishu who are studying abroad and we can live peacefully knowing that they are doing well wherever they are. We did not want to destabilize the program because already we have our students overseas studying especially in those colleges, Tampere University, and other colleges. We decided those students already in the program were to continue because they had paid fees and had their visas processed to continue studying but there would be no recruits going abroad from now until we get a clear way to sort out this mess.” added Bii.

Some of the changes already made to the program include having parents as trustees to the account formed unlike the former account formed that had parents nowhere near the program. The governor also stated that there were no public funds invested in the program.

“We had an account that was being operated by the trustees, we thought we should give another alternative account depending on the colleges the students are attending, and the courses they are to do. The parents are informed, the parents are aware and now they are paying fees because this was their obligation. I think what was understood was the scholarship thing, but now we have established through my small task force that we established the other day that actually there was no money from the public office that was used to help the students to go overseas. On the new account parents are signatories, the first one there were no parents around to give their signatures to the account. We have two parents who are signatories and of course, the trustees will just move.

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