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Uasin Gishu Women Representative Gladys Boss Sholei Faults 6000 Social Protection Program by Raila Odinga

Uasin Gishu women representative Gladys Boss Sholei now says Sh 6,000 Social protection program is unrealistic.

Through her official Facebook page she wrote “Baba’ Scare unrealistic proposal to give 6,000 to all unemployed is unworkable. If as little as 20million people applied, that would cost 120 billion a month. Annually, it would cost 1.4 trillion which is over 42% of the current 3.3 trillion national budget,”

Sholei is a staunch supporter of the deputy president William Samoei presidential bid in the August post.

Ruto has declared his interest for the presidency for the presidency in the fourthcoming August polls.

But his bid has been rubbished by the dynasties led by COTU secretary Francis Atwoli and Jubilee party vice chairman David Murathe terming him as not fit to be the next president.

The Uasin Gishu women representative who is serving her first term in office is a big critique of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s adminstration.

His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

David Ochola says “Understand the word most vulnerable and to seal all loopholes where your master siphons Kenyan funds,we say no to corruption,”

Makombedha says “Tell us why you were removed from your post of chief register of judiciary before you criticize BABA’s manifesto .
It’s only in Kenya where thieves hold political offices,”

Robyego says “Social protection will be possible if corruption is tam,”

Tonny says “Slow learners indeed. I thought it’s meant for the most Vulnerable Kenyans not everyone,”

Wachira says “By the fact that you are in Uda you don’t think uprightly. When did the vulnerable mean the unemployment dear esteemed legislator????,”

Pauline Ezekiel wrote “Get the facts correct, there is a difference between vulnerable groups and unemployed people.go back and read baba manifesto pole pole=”

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