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UDA Officials Warns Youths Against Participating in Mass Action

United Democratic Alliance( UDA) youths chair David Maina has
warned youths against participating in mass action as planned by the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Maina said youths should not fall into the traps of leaders who want to take advantage of them by causing violence.

“ I appreciate youths for maintaining peace during the august general elections and should not allow themselves to be used by unethical leaders for their good. We will not accept it,” said Maina
The youths chairman said.

Odinga has been causing violence
since 1982 over election results and that youths have now gained consciousness and thus will not fall into their traps.

Maina noted that youth had taken part in elections and voted peacefully, hence, causing violence would take the nation backward.
“This time as youths, we are refusing to be taken advantage of by the opposition party to cause violence. I appreciate the youth for maintaining calmness and peace during the elections,” said the youth chair.

Speaking at the Jeevanje Gardens in Nairobi recently, theopposition chief demanded that the government lowers the cost of living or face mass action after the elapse of 14 days ultimatum.

As the 14-day ultimatum issued by Raila Odinga elapses, anxiety continues to mount over Kenyans on the opposition’s next cause of action.

In recent days, Raila has been conducting rallies in various parts of the country to consult Kenyans on their demands over the august 2022 election results among other issues.

Despite the rallies and ultimatum, Ruto remains unshaken and has vowed to continue serving Kenyans. He dismissed Raila’s demand to open the servers used in the August 9 election, saying it was not a constitutional requirement.

Their next move is to match go to State House on Thursday 9th of this week, to present a petition to President Ruto.

President Ruto has however dismissed the threats, saying the country is led by the rule of the law.

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