UDA party MPs urge Kenyans to exercise patience as Ruto tackles the pressing issue of rising living costs

Representatives of the UDA party, Oscar Kipchumba Sudi and Joseph Wainaina, have appealed to the Kenyan populace to grant President William Ruto more time to effectively address the escalating cost of living. While acknowledging the severity of the economic burden, they emphasized that Ruto inherited this challenge from the preceding administration and is diligently striving to find solutions.

Sudi and Wainaina highlighted that the cost of living was already a significant concern when their party assumed control of the government. They urged Kenyans to remain steadfast in their support for the Kenya Kwanza administration, emphasizing that Ruto’s recent international engagements were not merely leisure trips but strategic endeavors aimed at strengthening the nation’s economy.

Sudi expressed confidence that the cost of living will begin to decline within the next year, attributing this optimism to the President’s proactive measures. “In the coming months, there will be an influx of funds that will contribute to lowering the cost of living, and by next year, the economy will have stabilized,” he affirmed.

Wainaina, however, acknowledged the potential difficulty in reducing oil prices, given the prevailing high cost of oil products in global markets. “We prefer not to raise false hopes about oil price reductions, as global markets currently offer oil products at high prices,” he concluded.

In essence, the UDA party MPs recognize the urgency of addressing the cost of living but advocate for patience and understanding as Ruto implements his economic strategies. They remain optimistic that the President’s efforts will yield positive results in the near future.

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