UDA should Prioritize HUSTLERS Needs Over Political Grandeur-Buzeki


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In any society, political leadership should be geared towards addressing the most URGENT and PRESSING needs of its citizens. This means focusing on the areas of GREATEST DIFFICULTY such as providing FREE EDUCATION and HEALTHCARE , rather than indulging in projects that merely serve to bolster the political grandeur of those in power. Taxation without genuine representation only exacerbates the disconnect between the leadership and the everyday struggles of the HUSTLERS .

As we look at the current landscape, a distressing situation emerges in Kenya, where numerous students are unable to attend school due to FINANCIAL constraints. Families are grappling with the burden of providing education for their children , and even those who have managed to secure education for the current term are already anxious about the looming fees for the next term and subsequent years. This is occurring in an environment where HUSTLERS struggle to generate adequate returns to meet the overwhelming tax obligations, leaving NO room for savings.

Furthermore, inadequate healthcare services are not only diminishing life expectancy but also wreaking havoc on the financial stability of families. Many individuals are forced to rely on painkillers such as KALUMA and MARAMOJA to navigate each day, highlighting the dire need for UNIVERSAL FREE HEALTH CARE for all CITIZENS.

It is imperative that political entities, such as the UDA, align their rhetoric with tangible actions that directly impact the lives of the masses. Ceasing early campaigns and the display of arrogance in favor of delivering on an their EXTENSIVE MANIFESTO. Prioritizing initiatives that will alleviate the burdens faced by ordinary citizens, such as FREE EDUCATION and FREE HEALTHCARE , is the true mark of effective and compassionate leadership.

The road ahead demands a shift in focus by UDA , away from self-serving ambitions and towards the genuine betterment of society. Failure to do so and they should prepare to STRUGGLE big time in 2027.

Zedekiah Bundotich Alias Buzeki

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