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UDA Youth Chairman calls for order

The National Chairman of Vijana Na Kazi UDA, David Maina today made a call on youth across the nation to maintain peace and order. His remarks came after opposition chief Raila Odinga threatened to rock the country with mass action demonstrations against the government.

“The Kenyan youth are a peaceful generation; we campaigned peacefully, voted peacefully and accepted the results and supreme court verdict. How can we then allow a rabble rouser who has misused the youth for political violence since 1982 to burn down or country?”

Echoing his senior UDA colleagues, Maina urged the youth to shun Raila Odinga’s calls for mass action in order to give the President time to implement the UDA manifesto. President William Ruto was elected on his promises to reduce the cost of living and creating jobs for millions of unemployed youth.

“Do not allow the people who burdened you with the current high cost of living and crushing debt to also inciting you to engage in civic disorder for their selfish interests” Maina cautioned the youth.

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