Uhuru Kenyatta Needs to Give Way to New Leadership in the Jubilee Party After Last Elections

#UhuruKenyatta out in the streets with #Jeshi to take sides in the factional war going on in the #TheJubileeParty is something all of us in the Party should be embarrassed about. This is a man who successfully served as President for 10 years! How did we get here? Where do we go from here? This is my focus this week, as I;

1. #CelebrateTheGood; Uhuru successfully led Jubilee for 10 years; 5 years as a coalition, 5 years as a Party. During that time Jubilee was an effective political party that run for & won two national general elections & had a near-super majority in Parliament. Through Jubilee Uhuru also got to the peak of any politician’s career; the Presidency. He led a government with a Jubilee majority. And we did some impressive work under him and he has consolidated his legacy as President. This we must celebrate him for, and history will remember him favourably for it.

2. #AdmitTheBad; Uhuru also led Jubilee into a terrible loss in the last election. We got massacred. There are reasons for this, & then there are excuses. But the fact is that Uhuru was not just the #JubileePartyLeader; he was also the #President, #HeadofState & #CommanderinChief. That we lost so badly under him is a burden he MUST carry.

3. #AcceptTheUgly; Uhuru must #TakeResponsibility for #2022ElectionLosses. Uhuru needs to give way to the Party to get a #NewPartyLeader. He can advise the Party; participate in its activities; campaign for it. But he certainly can’t lead it after being in charge when it was defeated so badly. For Jubilee to move forward effectively after the last general election we need a #NewStrategy & #FreshLeadership. We need a party strategy & leadership that will not be stuck in the past, in old grudges or in previous relationships. We need to operate #UnEmotionally in the current realities.

4. Jubilee is public property. It gets money from the #Exchequer & from Ordinary Kenyans. (I am one of thousands who’ve contributed over 1M so far). Jubilee is NOT #PrivateProperty. Where it goes from here must be determined by #PartyMembers in an #OpenAndTransparent manner. The decision on whether we #StayInAzimio: #JoinGovernment; or #BeIndependent must be guided by what serves the #PartyInterests now, and for the future. (Remember Uhuru leading KANU from the Opposition to join Government in 2002?)

5. #PostPoneNDC – In light of the work ahead a #NationalDelegatesConvention on #22May2023 is #TooSoon. We need a #BottomUp approach where we start with #GrassRootConsultativeForums that will then culminate in the #NDC. This is assuming the next #JubileeNDC is about making Jubilee better; not scoring personal points.

By former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu

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