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Unaccustomed Goods Recovered, Suspect Arrested

Detectives have arrested one suspect and recovered a consignment of unaccustomed alcoholic drinks and fake Kenya Revenue Authority stamps in Kasarani, Nairobi County.

Johanes Odhiambo was arrested following an intelligence-led operation conducted by a multi agency team comprising of officers from KRA and DCI.

After receiving actionable intelligence, the team raided an unmarked go-down within Kasarani’s Vickens 30 Industrial park area where following a detailed search, the officers managed to recover an assortment of different types of spirits, 250ltrs drums of ethanol, assorted bottle lids and assorted counterfeit KRA stamps.

Also recovered were 3 empty tanks of 3000ltrs, one 5000ltrs tank full of blended alcohol, and a 10,000ltrs tank containing 3000ltrs of blended alcoholic drink. Assorted empty alcohol bottles and a fully fledged manufacturing and bottling plant also discovered at the go-down.

The scene has since been preserved for further processing and investigation by DCI’s Economic and Commercial Crimes Unit, while the suspect is being held at a police facility for questioning to provide leads for the apprehension of his 10 other accomplices who took off.

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