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Union Officials Give UOE Vice Chancellor 7 Days to Vacate Office

Union officials from the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU), Kenya Universities Staff Union (KUSU), and Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers (KUDHEA) have given former University of Eldoret Vice Chancellor Prof. Teresa Akenga seven days to vacate offices.

They said despite her finishing her ten years term in office she has refused to vacate office and let her successor continue with the work at University.

“We are giving her an ultimatum of 7 days to ensure the acting vice chancellor takes over and we get over to the business of running the office. Equally, we acknowledge that times of transition are marred with misappropriation of funds, abuse of office, and unnecessary memos and letters so we ask that this doesn’t happen. The chancellor and the chairman you have the chance to save this office.” said Dr. Nyaberi Mugaka chairman UASU.

Citing the dictatorship trends being witnessed in African countries, the union officials asked the former VC to exit the stage without soiling the good work that she has done for the university this far instead she should let somebody else continue with the works.

“We don’t want to depict our office to be like some governments in Africa. We have had cases like the Mugabe of Zimbabwe, the Gaddafi of Libya, and Omar Bashir of Sudan. People overstay in the office until the public take over these offices. We don’t want to go that far. We are requesting the former vice chancellor Prof. Teresa Akenga to exit the stage at the right time otherwise she is spoiling her name. We want her name to be serving other public offices, overstaying might curtail other opportunities.”

They are requesting is for a smooth transition into office by the new VC is in line with the advertisement that was made concerning the position.

“What we are yearning for is a seamless transition. We want to discharge our duties diligently to our clients. We’ve had problems and now that there is an advertisement for the position, we wish the VC TO exit office so that we can have a good selection of the new VC without interference.” Robinson Kibet Sectretary Kusu.

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