Universities Presidents Council of Kenya Condemns the Killings of Two Brother’s Comrades in Embu



Universities Presidents Council of Kenya (UPC-K)in partnership with other relevant student and youth organizations have expressed dissatisfaction and human rights violations meted on students who also  double up as youths by the police.


Led by Albert Maloba chairperson Universities Presidents Council of Kenya  said the move by the police officers is uncalled for and ill intended.


They said with the recent incident  being the brutal murder of the Embu brothers(Benson and Emmanuel) in Kianjokoma village as indicated by the autopsy report contrary to the earlier reports issued by the police from the same police station indicating that the slain comrades

Were jumping from a moving vehicle.


“This among  other cases that go unreported is a clear justification that young people’s lives have been rendered very low priority(VLP)status and that we’re the endangered demographics egment of the population of Kenya. Lives have been lost not through terror attacks in the Institutions of higher learning(GarisaaUniversity’s142students),in the hands of Kenya police officers and other brutal means that always go poorly investigated and concluded without justice being served,” he said .


The students gave ultimatums that in the next  48 hours they are going to strom streets peacefully suspending learning activities in all institutions of higher learning in Kenya should there be no action taken.


“The police must now be fitted with body cameras to record the illegalities and

Crimes they commit while on duty harassing innocent Kenyans, and that they should walk with and present petty offense suspects(Youths)with instant charge sheets for them to individually present themselves in courts since police custody has proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be too dangerous for youth as demonstrated in Embu.


They called on NPS to arrest all police officers at the station where the two brother’s were booked before their brutal murder under unclear circumstances and that they call for immediate reformation of the Iron fist police force in the name of the police service.




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