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University of Eldoret issues strict dress code regulations

The Dean of Students at the University of Eldoret, Lelei Kiboiy, has issued a memo reminding students to observe the university dress code as outlined in the Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct and Discipline of Students.

According to the memo, students are expected to dress in simple, decent, modest, and appropriate attire that creates a conducive atmosphere for studies.

The memo specifically cites Article 3.1 (e) of the regulations, which identifies certain types of clothing as inappropriate for both ladies and gentlemen.

For ladies, the memo states that micro/mini-skirts, skin tight trousers, ragged/torn/ripped jeans, tumbo-cut blouses/T-shirts, low-cut blouses/dresses, micro shorts, and transparent dresses are all considered inappropriate.

Additionally, attire that shows bra straps or sleeveless T-shirts is also prohibited.

For gentlemen, the memo states that sagging trousers and clothing that reveals the chest, as well as ragged/torn/ripped jeans, are considered inappropriate.

Dean Kiboi emphasized that all students should desist from inappropriate dressing while at the university, as this may result in disciplinary action. He also added, “ Students are also expected to maintain gender compliant attire which should reflect their personal details as documented in the university admission records.”

Courtesy NTV

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