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Village in shock after MPESA thieves are finally captured

Hello, am Janet Wambui from Nairobi and a year ago I was robbed as I was
working in an Mpesa agent. I did not own the Mpesa Agent but I was employed by
a friend, James, whom we attended the same high school with. Before the robbery,
I had worked there for two years of which I was very loyal to my boss. I used to
receive loads of cash but the thought of cheating on my clients or boss never
It was on a Wednesday morning, when two men appeared and they claimed they
wanted to withdraw cash. They said they wanted to withdraw fifty thousand
shillings. I told them it was alright since the amount was available. In disbelief, a
gun was pointed on my head as they threatened to pull the trigger if I attracted any
The two robbers commanded me to open the door and when I did so, they took all
the money that was available and left. I could not even try to whisper because I
feared for my life. When James came and found out what had happened, he yelled
out loudly for he had lost almost a million shillings. The mpesa agent was the only
one in the busy area and so it was busy.
He contacted the police, but after few weeks of investigation the police had not
captured them. It was the police delay that prompted James to contact
KAZIMOTO DOCTORS. He believed that KAZIMOTO DOCTORS would help
him recover his money. As he informed me, he came to know of KAZIMOTO
DOCTORS from a friend who was assisted to find a wife.
KAZIMOTO DOCTORS assured him that he would have his money within no
time. We were seated just outside the Mpesa agent when the two thugs appeared
and handed the money back. James was very angry and jumped to one of them and
his friends helped him beat up the other.
Were it not for the catholic priest who was passing by, the two men would have
long been killed. We really thank KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for their help in
recovering the stolen money and urge anyone looking for his or her stolen item to
contact 0741930918

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