We Were Not Involved in the Grabbing of Shauri Land Fiasco

Days after Shauri Yako Bishop and area MCA accused David Waweru and Harun Maina after they were linked of grabbing a two-acre piece of land belonging to the IPHC church and a children’s home.

Bishop Daniel Kwatuha of International Pentecostal Holiness Church and Huruma Ward MCA Kimani Wanjohi accused the duo of the parcel of Land that has been owned by the Church for the last 23 years.

Speaking to the press Village elder David Waweru and Harun Waweru refuted the claims saying they were just meant to tarnish their good names.

“When I heard about this issue, I came to meet the bishop. He said this land belongs to the church. “The pastor had two documents one was dated 2005 and the other one 1995. We proceeded to the DCI with those claiming to be the owners of this land and even the DCI found two documents one dated 1995 belonging to the county government and the other for the national government. The DCI noted the matter had to be raised with the lands where currently it is being investigated as we await the results. I am wondering why the pastor is saying there are plans to grab land yet the process is still underway, “said Waweru.

They wondered why the bishop was worried yet he claimed to be the legal owner of the piece of land under question.

“I am shocked that the priest claims people are trying to grab this parcel of land and I was there when we went to the DCI and lands offices. Why has the fear and the case hasn’t been concluded and he claims to have the original documents? Since the issue is with the lands, let him keep calm and await the findings of the issue at hand. We have been living here for ages and we have never had a problem with this land up until the moment Kimani Wanjohi came into office. There is no need for him to worry if he is sure he owns legal documents for the land. We are waiting for the final response from the Ministry of Lands,” added Waweru.

Harun Maina said the bishop made illegal plans with the current member of the County Assembly Kimani Wanjohi to grab their land.

“The land issue began after Kimani Wanjohi was elected as a member of the County Assembly MCA. Why was MCA Wanjohi not mentioned in the case yet he gave orders on fencing the plot,” he said.

“Recently the area MCA was here and he named the county government and us on matters involving this parcel of land. I want to say clearly this land has never had any occupants till the moment Kimani Wanjohi came into office. This farm fenced with iron sheets was done by his personal assistant and the papers used to fence it is here with the allotment letters. I want to ask the MCA why he didn’t state his involvement when he fenced it. As Residents of Shauri, we are giving Wanjohi 48 hours to deconstruct everything if he claims this land belongs to the church. I also want to ask him to avoid blaming the county government.”

He called upon residents of Shauri to stay calm even as they await the final judgment from the Ministry of Lands.

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