We Will Continue Using Sipangwingwi Phrase -Caleb Kositany

Soy Member of Parliament, Caleb Kositany has hit at the National Cohesion and Integration Commission for banning politicians from using some words during the electioneering period.

Speaking to the press he said the move is uncalled for and illill-intendedd only targets the deputy president William Ruto’s camp.

“We are shocked with NCIC statement that thye have banned some words such as Sipangwingwi during this time. Some of these words are in the dictionary and they cannot be deleted not by NCIC or by anybody,” said kositany while speaking to the press.

Kositany said that some of the words are in the dictionary and cannot be deleted by NCIC or anybody and he thinks that it’s unprofessional of Reverend Kobia and his team to criminalize the Word “hatupangwingwi “.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hatupangwingwi and we are going to continue using those words,” he added.

Kositany noted that there are other words like Tibim, and Tialala that they expected NCIC to capture but they dint read malice in the whole process.

“Is it because the words are used by Raila Odinga who is another political divine that’s why he can continue using those words,” he said.

Kositany applauded the speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi for making a wise decision by joining the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

“Speaker Muturi has chosen the side where people of Kenya are, they’re going to think of people first before they think of leadership,” he said.

He added that Kenya kwanza alliance is ready to work for Kenyans rather than to work for leadership positions and it also wants to change the economy first rather than change the constitution.

Kositany urged everyone who’s still out there that it’s never too late to come and join the people of Kenya.

“It’s never too late for those who have even rushed to Azimio and are struggling for positions to come and join the people of Kenya “, said Kositany.

By Caren Masika

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