We Will Remove Kenya Kwanza Leadership in Office-Raila Odinga


Azimio La Umoja Party leader Raila Odinga has slammed the Kenya Kwanza government as an illegitimate regime and said there is a need to remove them from office.

Odinga says that fighting ceaselessly can alleviate suffering among Kenyans which has a high cost of living.
“As your leaders, we commit to punch, resist and fight this illegitimate regime until our voices are heard and respected. we recognize that it’s only through sacrifice that our cries can be heard, we will be with you to the bitter end,” said the Azimio party leader.

Raila who was accompanied by Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, the National Rainbow Coalition-Kenya [NARC-Kenya] leader Martha Karua among other leaders urged Kenyans to come out in large numbers and speak with one voice so that their cries can reach out to the government of Kenya Kwanza.

“We also urge victims of this illegitimate regime who include workers, students, and business community to join this political evolution and movements for change, the stronger together,” said Odinga.

The former premier noted that the current regime is going to kill the democracy in this country thus the introduction of dictatorship.

“The movement for the defense of democracy has now been launched and we are ready for mass action,” said Odinga.
To enhance effective revolution opposition leaders said they will raise funds through a campaign that will champion the entire activities such as protests, rallies, and meetings of Azimio to ensure they take over the government.

Raila promised his supporters that on 20th March 2023, they will stage a massive rally in Nairobi to fight for inclusive and competent government calling upon Kenyans countrywide to join them.

“Wherever we are in every corner of the country we shall finally converge in Nairobi. Take note on 20th March 2023, is a date we will destine in Nairobi on that day our supporters throughout the country shall stage a massive procession in Nairobi for legitimate and inclusive government,” said Odinga.

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