What do men really want?-Benjamin Zulu

What do men really want? Men want different things according to where they are energetically themselves. So when choosing a man, don’t just fall for the nice guy he seems. Find out the kind of woman he needs you to become.

A wounded and broken man wants a woman to nurse him but without challenging him to rise above the situation.
A lazy man wants a woman who expects nothing. And they are many.

An immature man wants a second mother. To feed him while he plays games all day.

A playboy wants a woman who needs marriage as part of her identity because she can never leave. We never leave what we perceive to be a part of who we are. Some women are on a mission to ‘break the cycle of divorce’ from their family. But they don’t think about that while choosing the partner. No. In fact, during dating, they’re as reckless as anything. Sleeping with their boyfriends, moving in without any process, getting married because of pregnancy. In other words, she is very careless with the foundation of a house that she says once she is inside, she can not come out even if it begins to crumble. It’s a death trap, and loverboys want these kinds of women because he knows he can philander all his life, even using her money and cars to do it, and she will never leave.

A drug user wants a rehabilitator. A live-in nurse.
But solid men want solid women.

A mature man wants a mature woman. Marriage to him is a journey, and he’s looking for a fellow traveller. He’s loyal and true, and he wants a woman with whom they can have each other’s back at all times. An honest man wants a sincere lady. He has no time for games and lies, and he can not stand it from anyone else either.
So what a man wants stems from who he is.

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