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what do you do when you feel that itch in the rear regions and you’re in public?- Benjamin Zulu

So what do you do when you feel that itch in the rear regions and you’re in public? You can play some tricks and act like you’re looking at something on the other side so that you can turn and scratch quickly, at the risk of someone still noticing or your cloths getting stuck inside there causing a comic relief to passers by.

Or you can just ignore it and it’ll pass. If you scratch it most likely it’ll come back again and even become a habit. Also try to remember when lastly you dewormed and if six months have passed you can get a dose at the next pharmacy.

Failure to deworm is partly the cause for why some people give off a very horrible stench when they pass gas.

Glutton is very ugly especially in women. Someone can lose all the respect and admiration they had for you once they see you consuming a heap of food. Your body never needs huge amounts of anything, except water. Most people picked the habit of eating everything in front of them because they grew up in scarcity. But at some point you just have to polish your manners. I attended the same function with a brother who was planning on approaching another lady in attendance but he quickly retreated after he witnessed her clear two huge servings of pilau with two bottles of soda. He was convinced she had tapeworms or something.

Too much food also causes difficulties in digestion making your stomach produce strange sounds. Learn healthy portioning and adjust. Self control and temperance are very attractive, while greed is very repulsive.

Granted, we’re not ignorant of people who may have medical conditions that may cause them to struggle with all the vices we’ve been discussing from yesterday. We remain very cognizant of the fact that some people may have body odors, smelly breath and smelly feet due to a condition they’re trying to treat. I call upon all of us to show compassion when we meet such cases, and also to go get tested if you suspect your situation might have a medical explanation.

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