What if you date without sex only to discover after marriage that they’re poor in bed?-Benjamin Zulu


Being good in bed is learnt because it depends on the two people. It’s not something you can test a person on before training each other. It’s an absurd concept that comes from pornography which has infiltrated society today. Porn and sex market objectifies people and reduces their worth to their bodies only, and it totally ignores their soul and their inner person. It makes people think bodies have ‘flavours’ and as such, you need to taste if the person is vanilla or chocolate.

Nothing can be farther from truth. A person’s ‘taste’ in bed, if we go by that term, depends largely on the texture of their soul. The level of their dignity and the purity they live by, how caring and loving they are towards you. Sex is more mental than it is physical. You feel a person according to the energy between you and how high they rank in your mind.

If they’re a despised sex object in your head, you’ll do the act as if you’re whipping them. Even if you’re the woman, you will have a detached attitude of ‘I feel nothing’ or ‘get done and be gone.”
What about size, you ask? As for the woman, her most sensitive parts are usually 3 inches in, while the average man is 4-6 inches. The Creator did his math, and you should stop listening to perverts.
Purity and a principled life around sex are all you need. If you’re not abusing your body, you have nothing to worry about. Just observe that the person you settle lives by the same level of purity. If you sleep with them once you can not tell if this is their chosen lifestyle. For you, it was an act, but for them, it may be a hobby. ‘Sex tourist’ of sorts. A decent word for a pervert.

Also note that eighty per cent of women will climax with non penetrative sex. Eighty per cent!
What matters most about a man is not his size but his skill and heart. The skill he gains by learning his woman and the selfless heart to want to satisfy her. In any case, a woman will respond more to the emotional intimacy between the two outside of the bedroom, not just his bedroom theatrics.

You don’t need to swallow things to enlarge your body as a man. Neither do you need to put potatoes and avocados inside your pants when taking photos! That cucumber prank, too, only works for perverted women like yourself. Decent women are disgusted by improper dressing and blatant display of your anatomy publily. Is that how you’ll dress before your daughter, for instance?

This is pathological.
How do I know if the woman is too big unless I test first?
Marry a virgin then. And be a virgin yourself. That was God’s perfect plan, after all. He put a seal on her, which another predator like yourself broke, and others who come after him want to use the woman in the disguise of ‘checking her out.” It’s a cyclic and endless madness. You can not test-drive a human body because people are not metals. They’re human people with feelings and a soul. It’s also self contradictory to expect her to be preserved when you’re asking to violate that rule yourself. You should lead the way by being celibate yourself.
What if a man has erectile dysfunction? How do I know without a test? Love is built on trust. Some things you just have to ask and go by what they tell you, in addition to doing an examination with a urologist or gyna if you deem that to be necessary. If you find that they lied, you know they’re dishonest and you leave. It’s better to break away from a dishonest person with your integrity intact than to compromise your character by sleeping with people in the name of sampling.

And how many people can you sample before you join the body count of sex workers?

Remember also that during the ‘test run’, a man can perform because of dopamine thrill and when you get married he cannot sustain anything. Stolen bread is always sweet and feverish. Official meals, however, require a natural appetite. What if people have swallowed things before the test drive and they give you a cloud nine experience, only to learn later it was a simulated performance?

Learn to study people’s character traits like general honesty and sincerity in all areas of life. That’s a more accurate predator than foolishly baring your soul to strangers out here.

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