What One Should Do If She Undergoes Rape-Benjamin Zulu Advises

Too often rape starts a self destructive chain inside the victim and if not intercepted on time the psychological corrosion can end up fatal.

Sometimes if someone experiences rape or sexual abuse and they don’t disclose or deal with it conclusively it eventually introduces strange urges into their system. They may desire to have sex compulsively, much like an itching wound. The sex doesn’t satisfy but it’s pleasurable in the moment and it gives relief from the pain and emptiness that they’ve felt since the violation.

Emotional wounds are as serious as physical ones, and worse because they’re invisible and so easy to be ignored. If we see a person bleeding we jump to help, but if they’re bleeding emotionally what happens? They might easily haemorrhage to death in plain sight.

Premarital sex is always followed by guilt because we know God doesn’t approve of it. We’re sinning and our conscience testifies against us. So to silence this guilt many resort to drinking or more sex, and so a lot of people you see living recklessly today are just wounded people who are seeking healing in the wrong path.

Others don’t become promiscuous but they lose self worth and so they get into a string of exploitative relationships where they’re taken advantage of. Some excel career wise but being so vulnerable emotionally they still end up in bad marriages and associations.

One guy said he dated a certain lady in her late 20’s, very sharp and properly kept manager of a large supermarket, but one who couldn’t say no to anything. He could get anything he suggested and even if he remotely suggested sex at daytime she could leave work to come immediately. I said that was a woman whose self esteem had been damaged and there must have been a story behind it. She was doing everything to win approval and to avoid being rejected.

You can always tell how healthy or sick a person is by checking how they respect their body and their sexuality.

Again, when a physical wound is not treated it deepens and eats more. So it is with emotional wounds. The world cannot see it but sense it in your behaviour and many will only exploit it. Seek healing before your dear life is damaged beyond repair.

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