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What You Should Consider While Choosing a Career –Benjamin Zulu Advises

Do not make such a serious decision as choosing a career without engaging in at least 1-3 months of intensive research when you have your grades at hand. Otherwise you’ll make inaccurate choices because of lack of enough understanding. And a bad turn there will throw your life so far off-course that you may never get it back.

Career choice should depend on both your passion and your personality. What you’re good at naturally, and what you feel good doing. Please begin the research there. A lot of you want to be told which course is best for you or which one is marketable.

These questions will only be answered by your own research. Study your personality using any tools you can find. There’s one called MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) or 16 personality test which you can Google and take.

Also, always think of the worst case scenario when choosing a course. What if it takes me long to land a job, what can I do with this course to help myself in the short term? I know people like categorizing themselves as either cut out for employment or for entrepreneurship, but life requires you to be able to do both of them at least to some degree.

You often need to be employed before you can start your business, and you often need to do business before you can find employment.

Even teachers have to wait for an average of 5 years during which they may work as Board-employed teachers with minimal pay, so someone must develop capacity to do business for self sustenance at least.

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