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What You Should Know About Children Raised by Fathers

Children who were raised by their father stand out. So much so that you can tell a daddy’s girl in a group.
She beams with confidence and she’s fearless, even as early as five years old. When you make eye contact with her you see her father.

A daddy’s boy, too, plays differently in the fields. He’s a free spirit and his face is radiant. It were as though his father’s love shines around him like a halo.

But remember we’re talking about the fathers love and validation, not just physical presence with zero or inconsistent emotional connection.

Fathers have an almost magical influence on their children, and for failure by men to understand this a lot of damage has resulted. Men are getting children before they’re emotionally prepared to journey as fathers.

When you become a father drop everything and go home. Stop spending evenings with the boys and instead go spend them with your little angels. This is the investment that will pay you for life and make you glad in your later years. These children will carry your praise wherever they go and you’ll hear your name showing up in places you’d never have reached yourself.

But remember you cannot give what you don’t have. Your children need you to speak self belief into them, to see their potential and nurtue it into manifestation. To do this, you need to work on your own confidence and self love.

And remember that just like your words can build, they can also bruise. Be few of words and don’t transfer any strife you have with the mother onto the children. Remember what you longed for when you were their age and give them that. A dad who is a friend and a cheerleader.

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