What’s Next After KCSE, Pursue Your Dream Course at ETTI


Forget generic post-KCSE brochures – ETTI stands out as a vibrant hub for transforming your academic pursuits into practical skills and career-defining expertise. Established in 2009 and officially accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology (MOHEST), ETTI’s mission goes beyond mere education. It aspires to be a national development powerhouse and an academic beacon of excellence.

But what truly sets ETTI apart is its diverse tapestry of academic offerings. With seven distinct schools, encompassing fields like Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Applied Sciences, Agriculture, and Animal Health, you’re not limited to cookie-cutter pathways. Dive into thirteen specialized departments like Mass Communication, ICT, Automotive Engineering, Land Survey, Fashion Design, Tourism & Hospitality, and delve deeper into your specific passions.

And ETTI isn’t just about theoretical knowledge. It believes in experiential learning, equipping you with cutting-edge facilities and resources to hone your practical skills. Imagine yourself mastering the latest software in well-equipped computer labs, or broadcasting from a fully-fledged Mass Communication studio. Picture yourself whipping up culinary delights in a professional catering lab, or getting your hands dirty (literally!) at the ETTI Farm, cultivating crops and caring for livestock.

But ETTI doesn’t stop there. Its IT-enabled classrooms keep you on the pulse of digital learning, while the expansive Digital Library provides a treasure trove of online resources and e-books to fuel your intellectual curiosity. State-of-the-art engineering workshops boast modern equipment, ensuring you graduate with the technical prowess to thrive in Kenya’s dynamic industrial landscape.

Beyond academics, ETTI fosters a vibrant campus life across its Eldoret and Lodwar locations. Imagine forging lifelong friendships, immersing yourself in enriching extracurricular activities, and building a network that extends beyond classrooms and campuses.

Choosing ETTI isn’t just about acquiring a qualification; it’s about investing in your future, equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge to confidently navigate the ever-evolving job market. So, if you’re seeking an educational experience that goes beyond textbooks and rote learning, where hands-on practice meets cutting-edge technology, and where excellence is not just a motto but a guiding principle, then ETTI beckons you.

Remember, the path after KCSE shouldn’t feel like a one-size-fits-all trek. Tell me about your specific interests and aspirations, and I’ll help you discover if ETTI’s diverse landscape holds the perfect stepping stone for your journey to success.

Let’s make your post-KCSE choices exciting and empowering, together!

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Phone: 0725 818 644
Address: P O BOX 770-30100, ELDORET

Visit their Offices at Telkom/Orange House, Eldoret Petresha/Berur Business Center, Eldoret

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