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Whats the difference between feeling lonely and feeling lovesick-Benjamin Zulu

There’s a difference between feeling lonely and feeling lovesick. Lonely is a void inside that you feel when you’re by yourself. It means you have no ways of making yourself happy and you find your own company empty and boring. It’s a sign of being detached from your soul. Many people try to treat loneliness by seeking company and distractions, but that never works. Loneliness is your soul missing your attention.

You’re supposed to focus inwards and attend to yourself by exploring things that are unique to you and finding pride in attributes that make you unique as a person. You’re called upon to identify your uniqueness and irrigate it by practice and enhance it through learning.

This activity is deeply pleasurable to your inner beings and infinitely rewarding. Imagine reading a book or watching a program that deeply validated your worldview and enriched your understanding of a certain topic. Or helping a person deal with a problem you deeply understood because of experience or passion. Or creating a work of art that expressed your inmost feelings and aspirations. Or trying out new recipes, or dance moves, or gymnastic exercises.

Anything that you find personally fulfilling and which you can never get enough of. This is how awakened people spend their personal time.

Once you get accustomed to these routines you can never use the word lonely or bored again. Your inner life becomes vibrant and rich, rather than empty and uninteresting.

Lovesick, on the other hand, is the unease that comes from longing for someone you’re in love with. When you have a healthy inner life, lovesick is manageable and even fondly pleasurable because you find creative ways either to pass time or to express to your loved one how you look forward to connecting with them. But when your inner life is wanting, lovesick feels crippling and tormenting because you’re using romantic love to substitute self love.

Lovesick is a normal situation of life that you just have to maneuver, but loneliness is an ache, a symptom of internal emptiness that means you have a personal crisis. Never attempt to reach outward when the cry is coming from inward. Do not jump outside, rather retreat inward.

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