Why Azimio Coalition Suspended bi-partisan Talks

The Azimio Coalition has suspended the bi-partisan talk with Kenya Kwanza for 7 days over what they termed as mistrust issues.

The co-chair of the Azimio team, Atiende Omollo stated that the reluctance from the Kenya Kwanza team to co-operate in the interim measures is an indication that they are not negotiating in good faith.
“We expected a report from that Sub-committee today but we did not get any despite our report by Senator Sifuna being ready”, added Omollo.

On the other hand, the Kenya Kwanza team has dismissed the claims of differences stating that they were not informed about the report.

“It was to be a joint report which would come as one with two positions for discussion but we must confess that we have not been told that their report was ready”, stated the Kenya Kwanza co-chair George Murugara.
The Azimio team has therefore decided to suspend the talk for 7 days and they have issued the talk suspension notice as required by the law.

The Kenya Kwanza on the other hand said that they have the framework agreement and they are open for the talk and they do not agree nor declare any stalemate.

Among the issues raised by the Azimio team concerning the bi-partisan talk was the conduction of forensic analysis and the reforms of the IEBC.

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