Why Men Might Refuse Their Wives Food

By Benjamin Zulu

Ladies, sometimes your man will not eat your food because the hygiene is horrible. Some of us have had the disturbing encounter of a lady passing near you especially when you’re seated like the way someone would serve people food at a table so that her torso is near your nose level and a bad odour from her cloths hits your nose.

You just pity the man who is expected to deal with that on a close range, and try to make it palatable.

There are ladies whose mothers did a good job by training them strictly in personal hygiene, so such that she could invade their bedroom unannounced and go around smelling their cloths more so inner ware. If she caught even a slight smell she could order an immediate thorough cleaning. You might have hated it at that time but now you see that she gave you a crucial life skill that many still lack. Be sure to pass it on to your daughters. Men suffer for the lack of it in their women but they can’t complain or train them because the topic is just too sensitive.

Sexual matters and food are related in that a small thing like a housefly in the food can ruin appetite. You may not be aware that actually you give off a smell because your nose has grown insensitive to your own body odours and you may not want to ask anyone. But you can actually sniff your cloths immediately after you take them off. You can make it a habit to shower in the morning and evening. You can procure the right soaps and perfumes. You can even pack an extra cloth and carry with you when you have a long day. If you suspect an infection you can visit a gyna or Google and try the remedies that don’t need mediation.

If you’re a man and for some cultural or other reasons you’re not circumcised you also need to observe a high standard of personal cleanliness because the pocket created by the skin can easily gather dirt and drops of urine and give off a very repulsive odour.

Learn also to smell your own breath using your hand. When you brush your teeth clean the tongue as well. You can also use a mouthwash if you notice a persistent smell. When you take something smelly like eggs or fish gurgle with water immediately or brush your teeth.

It’s a scientific fact that people remember your smell more than they remember anything else about your personal presence. Don’t leave such a crucial element of your character to chance.

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