Why People Ahead You Hate You- Benjamin Zulu

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself among people who are ahead of you in everything, but they still hate you. They invest so much of their energy trying to sabotage and bring you down. And then you’re confused because you can not see why they feel threatened by you.

The simple explanation is that they’re not responding to what you own or where you are currently, but who you are. They sense your energy, and they know you’re poised for greatness.
Why would a whole king like Herod be threatened by a baby in the Bible story? Because the baby had a star and a promise. And that’s your problem. You have a star and a light which rulers sense as a threat, and they take the opportunity to destroy you while you’re still young and less powerful. They’re neutralising you as a threat because they’ve sensed you from afar.

Your solution is to stop mistaking naivety with humility. You’re naive about your future and how your presence disturbs envious spirits, and you think by acting normal, you’re hiding enough from them. The truth is that your hunger and focus can be seen by one and all. Your response should not be to hide but rather to fight. Learn how to pick envy early and protect yourself before the person launches an attack. Much like a deer who learns to smell predators from far and get out of their way.

Bearing a talent and a promise makes you a prey and a threat to the many predators of dreamers in t

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