Nyeri town member of parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu has revealed why the Sagana meeting chaired by president Uhuru Kenyatta was significant.

Through his official Facebook page Wambugu said the Sagana meeting was not only historic but also defining! Let me illustrate:

“The tangatanga and Kenya Kwanza sycophants have been saying that the President has not done anything. Today he answered and demonstrated what he has done for the region,”sake Wambugu.

He said the tangatanga and Kenya kwanza sycophants have been saying that Jubilee party is dead president Kenyatta answered and told that Jubilee was first focussing on development and that it’s time for doing politics.

“The leaders have been asking the President to say what soured his relationship with the Dp. Today he has answered. The leaders and the people have been asking the President to give political direction. Today he has given it. He said he supports Baba. He asked us to support Baba too,”

He noted that the act of supporting Baba is earthshaking and revolutionary. For over 50 years the two communities have been having rivalries.

“The support for Baba, by President Uhuru is a step towards reconciling and cementing the relationship between the two communities. Today the President said the handshake is meant to promote unity and peaceful coexistence. It was meant to ensure stability in the future,” he added.

Wambugu now says he is strongly persuaded to support the President decision to support Baba.

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