Woman narrates her painful story on how her in-laws would even beat her up after the death of her husband


Anyango had been living with her husband in Gem and unluckily her husband died of some illness. Since then her life had been messy as the rogue in laws took over control of her life as they said she belonged to them and now under their protection.

They took all her property some which they possessed and some they sold for some money and never even shared with her. She was so much depressed as she had nothing to feed her children and at the same time educate her two children.


Her husband was a fisherman who depended on this business to feed them. They would come in her house, mock her and at times they would even beat her up in front of her two little girls.


She would cry and hope even she was the one dead and not the husband. She had no option and kept on living with the rogue in laws. She had a small farm where her husband had inherited the land from his dad where she would plant some vegetables which she would sold and feed her children since the place was not that developed for some good source of income hence there were no jobs that she would do to get money than farming.


After a while things became even more bad as they evicted her from her land the husband had left her in. She was forced to get back at her mother’s home for she would even be killed if she would stay more years on that place.


Back at their home the same problems she was facing at her husband’s place were even more worse at tier home as she had to take care of her ailing mother and at the same time get some work to feed her children. Life was not that easy for her and each day she kept on wondering what she did to deserve such a bad life.


What really pained her a lot was how her in-laws took her land and even sold everything her husband left for her. She had heard about a traditional doctor Dr Mugwenu and so she so that was her only opportunity to save herself since things had really not been going the right way as she wanted full possession of her property her husband left for her after his death. Dr Mugwenu had spells that would ensure she had justice and get full ownership of the property and her in-laws would pay for it.


This really came to pass as her in-laws had to bring back her property they took from her even from dens they had sold after she was from Dr Mugwenu. She returned back at her husband’s house and now her home and since then they all agreed and lived as a family as Dr Mugwenu spells were really working some good job.


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