Woman Shocked after Returning Home from Work, Finding House Help Has Stolen All Her House Hold Items Worth More than KSh 500k

A Thika woman is counting losses after she returned home from work to find that her house help had fled her home and had stolen all house hold items including appliances all worth KSh500,000.The woman was shocked because she could not understand how the househelp had fled with the items.
She thus quickly contacted the police who came and recorded the statement from her. They also reviewed CCTV footage which showed how the evil house girl conspired with the gateman to steal the goods which included a TV, cooker, woofer and other items.
The police promised that they would catch the house girl and the gateman and ensure they return all that they stole but this did not happen. For the few days that followed, the police gave empty promises and did not even move a finger to catch the house help.
The woman and her family were left devastated as the robbery had left them with nothing only a bed to sleep on. They even had to beg neighbours for help with some place to cook their food and even blankets as she did not have the money to immediately replace the items.
One of her neighbours who saw how the family was suffering without their items moved to help them by giving them the number of renowned traditional herbalist Doctor Kazimotowho was kind enough to help the woman and her family recover their goods.
After contacting the doctor on +254741930918, Doctor Kazimoto cast the catch a thief spell and it worked so quickly because the following day, the house help returned all the items. The spell made her sick and eat grass and tortured her with mysterious voices ordering her to return the items she stole.
The house help is now on police custody and the woman vehemently thanked Doctor Kazimoto.
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