You need to stop accepting crumbs and left overs of attention- Benjamin Zulu

You need to stop accepting crumbs and left overs of attention and for people to contact you only as a measure of last resort to their loneliness. You shouldn’t stay parked for people to be coming to you when they get disappointed by those they chose over you.

You must master how to become inaccessible to returnees from your past even if you have a history with them or an ongoing responsibility like a child.

Your feelings may recall good moments and crave to be indulged again at every opportunity but you must be led by your head and not your heart.

People have contaminated their present good lives by allowing the past to sneak back in the form of past lovers whom they had to interact over something like a job or coparenting.

Your present partner cannot trust any exclusive relationships with a person you once crossed the lines with because they know sliding back there with such a person would take literally nothing. If you want to be trusted in your new relationships you must not behave suspiciously. Trust is earned or paid for, and the price is strict self discipline and transparency.

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