You Should Not Lecture Us on the High Cost of Living-Mosop MP to Odinga

Mosop Member of parliament Abraham Kirwa now says Opposition leader Raila Odinga is one of the people allegedly involved in the transfer of funds from the treasury.

This he says led to the high cost of living yet he is on the frontline calling for demonstrations.
Speaking in Uasin Gishu County, the MP called for the Kenya Kwanza government to be allocated more time to get things right.

“So much money was stolen from the treasury, which is making the president work hard to make sure the nation is surviving. The current government has not submitted its first budget, and Raila Odinga is busy holding demonstrations claiming the cost of living is very high,” said Kirwa.

He said Odinga is among the people who allegedly looted Kenya Medical and Supplies Authority (KEMSA) and other organizations that were affected by corruption in the previous regime.

He said the demonstrations are threatening the economy of Kenya, the tourism sector, and investors because they think Kenya is no longer safe for them to invest and travel.

“Raila was part of the people who looted KEMSA and other organizations to benefit himself, we are going to lose a lot of resources and dollars which we were supposed to earn from the tourists who are coming to Kenya, most of them have now diverted their destinations to different counties because they feel Kenya is no longer safe,” he said.

“Investors who are coming to invest here have been told Kenya is coming unstable because of the demonstrations, therefore I want to ask Raila if we continue at this rate now that we are chasing away investors and tourists where are we going to get money to recover our economy?” Questioned the mp,” he added.

Kirwa further urged Kenyans to go back to their work and shun the demonstrations while calling on parents to take their kids back to school and not be cowed because of demonstrations.

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