Youth Leader Calls For Inclusion of MCAs in Devolution Conference

An outspoken youth leader, Mr. Jacob Omondi Odhiambo has taken a moment to share with us his keen observation and point of concern regarding the exclusion of Members of County Assembly in the ongoing devolution conference in Uasin Gishu county.

“I’m a national youth leader and a voice of the young people. There’s this devolution Conference that is underway in Eldoret. But when I perused through the program, I noticed a very critical aspect that I want to address to the council of Governors and also to the President of Kenya.

The county governments comprises of the Executive and the county assembly. Without the latter, the County Governments cannot function properly.
I’m wondering how the organizers if the devolution conference excluded the participation of the County assembly members.

MCAs are leaders elected by the people to represent them in the County assembly and their roles are three fold: representation, legislation and oversight.

I want to ask the council of Governors led by the Chairlady Ann Waiguru, that can you restructure your program and ensure that there are MCA representatives that are going to talk on behalf of the MCAs.

Because devolved until cannot be without the MCAs and therefore you must take MCAs seriously. We don’t want this tendency of MCAs being looked upon as lesser leaders. You must include them in the devolution conference and they must be represented by their fellow colleagues so as to articulate their issues in the conference.

Why would you neglect the MCAs by excluding them in the conference while when you want your budgets to be passed through the County assemblies they are the people who do that.

When you want your policies to be passed through the county Assemblies they are the people who help you on that.

So I want to ask Ann Waiguru and I want to plead with our president William Ruto I’ve seen you nurture leaders, please can you talk to the Council of Governors to include representatives of the MCAs to talk on behalf of all the MCAs from the 47 counties.”

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