Youth urged to Drive Climate Action on Cop 28 Agenda Event to mitigate climate change

As the key stakeholders,Youth in Kenya have been urged to come up with ideas and innovations to participate in exchange of thoughts to enhance impactful climate action.

According to Dr. Okito Wedi, Founder and CEO, Creative Development,Through authentic storytelling, the creative arts and open dialogue, this gathering offered an opportune moment for partners across government, the private sector, civil society and youth groups to unite and exchange insights and thoughts on enhancing youth-led initiatives for impactful climate action.

The CEO revealed that Boasting the world’s youngest populace of over 400 million, Africa is a realm of unmatched potential and ambition.

“The role of African youth in forging a sustainable and resilient continent is not fully utilised, and impending climate issues pose a challenge to their empowerment. Thus, the intertwined potential of Africa and its youth is a latent treasure needing global recognition and nurturing.” – Dr. Okito Wedi.

African Youth Climate Assembly had united over 800 dynamic young minds from over 40 nations.

The Royal Danish Embassy in Kenya said,The successes of the Africa Climate Summit and preceding Africa Youth Climate Assembly have been remarkable, bringing together climate actors from across the continent and highlighting the crucial role of youth in the fight against climate change.

“As we approach COP 28 and beyond, it is essential to recognise and empower young climate leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to develop and implement African-led solutions to the global climate crisis,”Said the Embassy.

In the lead up to COP 28, the urgency for collective global actions against climate change have been amplified, leading to the inception of the African Youth Declaration.

“This declaration brings together diverse African youth voices to demand sustainable change and actively participate in global environmental policy-making processes as COP 28 approaches”,Said the Embassy.

The Embassy also champions for the creation of green jobs for youth, offering a potent solution to the dual crisis of high youth unemployment rates in Africa and growing climate threats.

β€œIt is very explicit in our foreign and development policy that Denmark has the ambition to assume leadership and strengthen action to accelerate green and energy transition and support climate change adaptation. Youth is key in this transition: Youth are the majority and the future in Africa and you can count on Denmark to support you.” Said the Royal Embassy.

“As we eagerly anticipate COP 28 and beyond, let us reshape the narrative, highlighting young people as solution architects armed with innovative, creative, and sustainable ideas that merit scaling up and robust support for greater Impact!” Said African Youth Climate Assembly Secretariat.

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