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Youths Should Not be Used by Raila Odinga to Participate in Monday’s Demonstrations

There has been rising political tension lately orchestrated by the leader of opposition and retired Prime Minister Raila Odinga. It is worth noting that the biggest casualties of this stalemate are the youth who are in business and some working to fend for their young families.

As a Country, we need to understand that the youth are the back bone of this Nation, instead we need to think on the issue of creating a platform for the youths where they can interact and bring up their agendas.

I disagree with opposition leaders’ daily demonstration. Raila is misusing the youth to heckle his opponents and clap for him as he criticizes the six months-old government, I’ve risen in my childhood knowing Raila as a demonstrator kingpin, I wish to condemn his demonstration and hence ask him to bring solutions to problems youths face in this country.

I’ve known him to fight every new government and at the end when he gets in to government he shuts his mouth and starts being a sychophant of the government he’s now fighting. He changes the tune once he gets into government.

There has been no hygiene in Kenyan politics , where we see the youths being used to mobilize and secure votes for politicians, but when they get into government they forget of how the struggles were. There is a government in place and that is a done deal, we need to get away from this kind of leadership being demonstrated by Mr Odinga, I wish to see the leadership that respects the services of the Youth.

On that matter I want to ask Opposition leader to demonstrate facts and reality, the same opposition leader was in Government before elections were done, what is Raila demonstrating for when president Ruto was asking the government to reduce the cost of living it was like he is inciting them to ruin the economy.

We don’t need to run away from reality that Raila is threatening this government so as to get his egocentric reason, I wish to address this that we have alot of things to adress more than a 50 years demonstrator.

I’m a supporter of unity ,we should not be threatened, I wish to ask the president to focus on bringing development and creating more youth opportunities, giving Raila an opportunity to be in this government is a good reason to tell Kenyans your votes are useless, the president should stand on his feet firmly, we disagree the handshake abracadabras.

The current elected leaders should come out clearly if they want to ruin this government completely or they want to build a nation full of great Leadership, great leaders don’t great followers they build great leaders.

I expect Raila Odinga to talk of the following.

*How Government will do to ensure they absorb youth’s in this Government.
*How will Government ensure they recover the lost Covid, BBI, KEMSA fund’s and Subsidy billion’s
*How will Government ensure Talent’s are being natured and empowered in this Government.
*How will Government ensure the independence of the Judiciary will be effective, also how will Government avoid the involvement of police in politics.
*How will Government ensure 100% security for this country.
*I wish to see Raila Odinga asking this government on zero rate of hunger in the Country.

But if Raila is still working to be involved and welcomed to the government, then that’s hot air.

The future of youth leadership cannot be ruined by tumbocrats, cowards and egocentric shenanigans and we are moving out that this Nation needs leaders who will bring National unity and not ethical rivalry.


Kelvin Kipleting
Uasin Gishu Youth President

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