Youths Urged to Maintain Peace-UDA Official

The National Youth Chairman Vijana Na Kazi UDA David Maina has implored the youth in the country to maintain peace and order.

Maina applauded president William Ruto on his bold move to extend an olive branch to the Azimio coalition leader Raila Odinga and assured him of working together with all leaders across the divide for the Unity and prosperity of the Country.

The UDA youth chairman noted that Azimio demonstrations that were held twice a week for the last two weeks were disruptive to millions of Kenyans and especially the youth who live from hand to mouth.

“The anti-government demonstrations resulted in the destruction of property, injuries to many, and unfortunately in the deaths of a few youths. The dialogue between President William Ruto and Opposition leader Raila Odinga is much welcomed for peace to prevail,” said National Youth Chairman Vijana Na Kazi UDA.

He warned youths against engaging in destructive demonstrations in the future saying the recent demos are evident that many youths are taken advantage of by self-centered politicians.

“Those who were arrested by the police are our youth, many of those who lost their lives in the demonstrations are the youths too, we bear the pain of such demonstrations. Let us think before doing anything,” added Maina.
The youth leader Kenyans rally behind President William Ruto as he works to revive the Country’s economy and provide employment opportunities for the thousand of jobless Kenyans.

“The UDA manifesto promised to turn around the country’s economy by attracting and directing investments to support enterprises at the bottom of the pyramid but this can only happen in a politically stable environment. This calls for Statesmanship on both sides of the political divide so that the country does not fall back into the tension of violent protests, ”Opined Maina.

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