Youths Warned Against Participating in Raila Odinga Tomorrow’s Demonstration

Youths have been warned against participating in tomorrow’s demonstrations called by the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

According to Ram Dizzle,a gospel artiste ansb founder of Imarika Africa Development Organization youths should instead involve themselves in constructive activities that will help them earn a living.

“As youths let’s refrain from being used by politicians to cause violence by some self centered politicians. I would urge the youths to rise up beyond being used by politicians yet we are the majority in our country instead engage in activities that will earn us a living,” said the secretary General of Trans-Nzoia creatives artistes association.

He said the country was badly affected by COVID-19 and the economy was affected in the whole world.

“We went into a vigorous campaign in 2022 and so the economy was still affected, now that things are getting back to normalcy, it wouldn’t be wise for us young people to participate in either political campaigns or demonstrations for now, We should instead unite and fight poverty, the effect is when we participate in either political meetings or demonstrations, we fail to do business and earn a living, instead we should unite in activities that will uplift us economically,” he added.

He called upon youths to participate in agri-business, activities to prevent soil erosion and and nation building activities.

“It is a high time that we youths rise up above our daily handouts from politicians and restructure ourselves to be part of the leadership in this country and not distruction of property.I believe the future is bright for us the youths if we are united towards solving challenges that we all go through, unite to fight poverty and not leadership,”the Secretary General of Trans-nzoia Creatives Artistes Association added

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